Best Ceramic Flat Irons

Looking for a flat iron can be a real challenge, especially with all the different types that exist on the market. Ceramic flat irons are the most popular choice but have you wondered why? Let's see the reasons and then check our top 6 best ceramic flat irons, suitable for every hair type.

Firstly, ceramic flat irons can accommodate every budget and some of them are really cheap. But beware of the ceramic coated straighteners. They are not made entirely of ceramic but a ceramic coat is added on top of the metal plates. This is an even cheaper option but a low-quality one as the ceramic coating can chip over time and snag or pull the hair strands, thus causing hair damage. Some cheaper brands do not often use ceramic but have a paint-like coating that looks like ceramic plating. So be careful and read the specs! And always choose the 100% ceramic plates over the coated ones.

Secondly, they offer equal heat distribution across the plates and sustain high temperatures. Thanks to this the formation of cold or hot spots that leads to heat damage is absent. Of all the tools that apply heat to your hair, ceramic is the most common material for everyday use.  Ceramic is considered significantly better than metal as it heats the hair from the inside-out rather than frying the outside.

Last but not least, ceramic straighteners are gentler to the hair than other straighteners. Forget about hair pulling or tugging as the ceramic flat iron glides through the hair smoothly. Meaning less hair damage from breakage or snags and a healthier appearance. It is a perfect option for those with damaged or fine hair as it won’t be so harsh on these hair types.

Important disadvantages of the ceramic flat irons

  • It has a slower heating process so it might take more time to straighten certain types of hair such as the curly or thick ones.
  • More prone to chipping over time even if they are equipped with 100% pure ceramic plates, therefore, the straightener needs to be handled with care.
 Check our reviews on the best 6 ceramic flat irons as we present their pros and cons!

Remington S9130P with Thermaluxe Technology

We have fallen in love with this iron. Containing 10x more ceramic than the standard Remington flat irons, this model makes it so easy to achieve salon-quality results. With the advanced heating system, it protects the hair from damage while optimizing heat levels for an even faster straightening process. The 2-inch plates glide through the hair smoothly without pulling or snagging hair.  The Remington S9130P is a perfect choice for those with long or thick hair as the wide plates allow you to straighten more sections at a time.


  • 30 temperature setting that can reach up to 450 degrees F
  • Heats up rather quickly, in just 15 seconds
  • Automatic shut off after 60 minutes of use
  • It also has a temperature lock
  • Bonus items included: heat resistant glove, storage pouch
  • Tangle-free fabric cord


  • The absence of a digital temperature reading
  • The high-temperature settings might lead to heat damage if not used properly

LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch

Innovation at its finest with this one. In addition to the ceramic plates, the LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch straightener has infused keratin micro-conditioners into them in order to protect and straighten the hair more effectively.

The heat sensor integrated into the top plate avoids excessive heat while automatically adjusting the heat setting for optimal styling. Meaning a lower risk of heat damage and a healthier result.


  • 5 heat settings, the temperature varies between 300 to 450 degrees F
  • 30-second heat up time for fast styling
  • Automatic shut-off feature after 60 minutes of inactivity
  • Turbo boost – this feature will instantly heat the device to the desired temperature
  • The exceptional design allows you to achieve different hairstyles, from straight hair to beachy curls


  • The lack of an LCD display, unfortunately, it doesn’t show the actual temperature status
  • It has some pretty high-temperature settings, a disadvantage for those with fine or thin hair as it might cause heat damage
  • Some users have mentioned it is heavier than the average hair straightener

MiroPure Pro Infrared

Do you have naturally curly or textured frizzy hair and want to tame it down? This pale pink perfection is ideal for you. Equipped with professional infrared and anti-static technology it locks in the hair's natural moisture while eliminating frizz and adding shine.  The positive temperature coefficient heating provides a quick heat to the desired temperature setting within 60 seconds.


  • 6 different variable heat settings ranging from 248 ° F to 446 ° F, making it suitable for different hair types
  • Travel-friendly thanks to the dual voltage (100-240 V, 60Hz)
  • 360 ° swivel cord to avoid tangling
  • Automatic shut off
  • It comes with a heat-resistant glove, a comb, and a cloth bag
  • The 1 inch extra curved edges give you the freedom to easily create any hairstyle, even loose or bouncy curls


  • As many others, this model does not have a digital display
  • A few users have stated that the hair gets caught into the edges of the straightener

XARA Professional 2” Infrared Straightener

Now here’s an affordable price for an infrared ceramic flat iron which can create long-lasting results. The Infrared Technology uses infrared rays in order to lock in hair’s moisture for healthier results. The infrared rays penetrate the hair shaft but still protect the hair cuticle from excessive heat exposure. The 8 HeatBalance microsensors (4 on each plate) control the temperature and evenly distributes it across the plates to avoid the formation of cold or hot spots. The 2-inch ceramic plates are also infused with tourmaline in order to boost the negative ion output and eliminate static.


  • Automatic shut off feature when left unattended.
  • The heat settings are as low as 250° F and as high as 450° F
  • It lets you choose the right temperature for your hair through the digital display
  • Dual Voltage feature (110/220v)


  • Not the ideal straightener for waves or curls as it has 2-inch plates

Herstyler SuperStyler Onyx

Even if the Herstyler SuperStyler Onyx is a rather cheap model it’s a quality one for sure that provides salon-like results. The 1.25-inch Onyx ceramic plates emit plenty of negative ions to keep down the frizz and eliminate the static. The floating plates allow flexible movement of the plates in order to glide smoothly through the hair without causing any breakage or damage. The curved and ergonomic design gives you the ability to create more styles than just straight hair if you ever get bored of it.


  • Helps you stay in control with a variable temperature control up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features a 360-degree professional-length swivel cord
  • The dual voltage function that accepts both 110-120V and 220-240V with the right adaptor
  • Lightweight and versatile design


  • The lack of the automatic shut off feature
  • It does not have a digital display so the actual straightening temperature won’t be shown, but you can choose it through the analog settings

Revlon Salon Copper Straightener

The advanced Nano copper technology of this Revlon flat iron combined with the ceramic plates ensures a superior heat transfer, meaning faster and smoother results. Evenly heating the plates the copper added into the plate material also protects the hair from over styling. This professional model allows you to create different styles with the 1-inch curved plates, from beachy waves to bouncy curls if you ever get bored of the straight look and want something different.


  • 10-second fast heat up
  • 30 precise and customizable heat settings that can achieve 455 degrees F
  • Digital display that shows the straightening temperature
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Memory system: it automatically recalls the last temperature as your preferred setting
  • Automatic dual voltage


  • It might take more time to straighten curly thick hair

Flat iron tips to get perfectly straight hair

Best ceramic flat irons

Use a heat protectant spray or serum. Appling 350 or more degrees of heat on your hair every day can cause serious damage, dryness and fried hair. Make sure to spritz on your damp hair a heat protectant spray to minimize the risk or hair damage.

Clean the flat iron often. Flat irons are also affected by dust, grime or grease and it can alter the result it has on your hair. Cleaning and maintaining your flat iron is a must in order to get the straightening right.

Section your hair before straightening. By doing this the heat will penetrate all the hair strands and you will get long lasting straight hair.

Avoid really high temperatures. Hair burns at 451 degrees F so to get that smooth and healthy hair you should stay in the 300-degree range if it’s possible.

Brush your hair. Comb or brush your hair before you begin the straightening process. You can also do this in between straightening.