Best Flat Irons for Fine Hair

What should I look for in a straightener for my fine hair?

Best Flat Irons For Fine Hair

Looking for the best flat iron for fine hair? First, you should know that not every flat iron made is a good choice for fine hair. Fine hair is significantly more fragile than other hair types and therefore needs to be treated with care. The perfect flat iron for fine hair should have:

Adjustable temperature settings so you can select the right one and not cause any heat damage or fry your hair. Also, it is advisable to be careful with the high temperature if you have fine hair and start at a lower setting just to be sure it won’t damage it.

Ceramic or tourmaline-infused plates because they are gentler to the hair than the titanium ones. Ceramic and tourmaline are great options as they can provide an even distribution of heat across plates and avoid those hot or cold spots that can burn the hair.

Infrared technology. What does it do? Well, it locks in your hair’s natural moisture to get silkier, longer lasting results. It also protects the hair by preventing excessive heat exposure and the damage caused by it.

Fine hair equals thin hair

Wrong. Contrary to common belief, fine hair does not mean thin hair. The diameter of thin hair is smaller, so you can as well have fine-thick hair or fine-dense hair. The thinness of each strand is what makes it more prone to breakage. This hair type needs a straightener that’s flexible, has low heat settings and smooth plates that can distribute the heat evenly.


We have selected and reviewed the best flat irons for fine hair in order to help you choose the right one.

SUMLIFE Professional Straightener

A must have straightener if you want maximum styling control. The 1-inch floating plates hold the hair tightly while gliding through hair smoothly and effortlessly. Thanks to the slim and curved design it is perfect for achieving different hairstyles such as flips, waves and gorgeous curls. With plates made of ceramic and tourmaline, it boosts the negative ions output, meaning shiny, frizz-free hair and faster results.


  • Customizable temperature settings ranging from 265 degrees F to 450 degrees F
  • LCD display that shows the styling temperature
  • Quick heat up in just 30 seconds
  • Dual voltage (100V – 240V)
  • Safe hinge lock
  • Shuts down automatically after 1 hour of inactivity
  • Bonus item: storage pouch bag


  • Be careful with the heat settings, start at a lower temperature


The Bio Ionic is a popular straightener out there known for its fast styling process and increased shine. We were amazed at how effortlessly you can straighten every type of hair thanks to the silicone strips and Nano ionic mineral infused in the cushion plates. This combined with the far infrared penetrates the hair’s shaft adding more hydration and conditioning the hair at the same time.


  • Instant heat up in just 5 seconds up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Instant recovery for smooth results
  • 5 wide plates
  • Professional length swivel cord (9 ft.)
  • Analog variable heat settings


  • Lack of an LCD display
  • No automatic shut off feature, so be careful to turn it off after styling

AsaVea Professional Flat Iron

We have fallen in love with the pale pink color of this flat iron. Featuring infrared technology which diminishes the risk of heat damage to hair’s cuticle, it’s suitable for long fine hair without a doubt. With 2 inch wide floating ceramic tourmaline plates, it helps to straighten hair faster and at any angle. Easy to use and handle, it cuts down the time spent styling in half while offering smooth and perfectly straight results.


  • Heats up in 90 seconds
  • Has a digital display featuring adjustable heat settings ranging from 226 to 445 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Equipped with an advanced microprocessor to ensure even temperatures
  • Automatic shut off sensor
  • 360 degrees swivel cord and safe hinge lock


  • This model has 2-inch plates, thus won’t be suitable for short hair. But it is also available with 1-inch plates if you have fallen in love with it like us

BESTOPE Hair Straightener

This dynamic flat iron features almost everything you need to get that sleek straight look and more. Starting to straighten your hair you can feel it smoothly and continuously sliding through each section while maintaining the same temperature. The Bestope flat iron has a good thermal conductivity which makes the heat to be evenly distributed across the 1.5-inch ceramic plates.


  • Ultra-light design with floating plate technology to ensure full contact with hair
  • Tourmaline Ceramic plates for silky, smooth results
  • 11 digital controlled temperature settings that range from 265 degrees to 450 Fahrenheit
  • Universal dual voltage (100- 240 V)
  • Automatic shut off feature after 60 minutes
  • 360-degree swivel cord for styling freedom


  • There are a few customers who have faced a concerned about the heating of the flat iron, as it didn’t heat up enough

Shekoo Beauty Flat Iron

The Shekoo Beauty hair straightener is a powerful styling tool that is designed to straighten but also curl hair at a professional standard. Featuring 1-inch tourmaline infused ceramic plates it provides smooth and frizz free results. The stylish yet ergonomically design with beveled plates gives you more flexibility and control during styling while helping you to create various hairstyles in just minutes.


  • Maximum heat button that will reach the highest heat of 450 degrees F within 60 seconds
  • 11 heat levels between 250 and 450 degrees F that can be seen on an LCD display
  • If left unattended it will automatically shut off after 60 minutes
  • 8-foot 360-degree swivel cord
  • Dual voltage of 110-220 V


  • Some users have stated that it takes too much to heat up to the desired temperature

Volumizing Tips for Fine Hair

A fine hair without any volume can be a great nuisance. If you have fine hair that it’s lifeless, in order to give it volume you have to come up with a care routine. It’s not an easy thing but if you are willing to pay more attention to your hair you will end up with a better overall appearance. Here’s what you need to do:

  •  Shampoo more often. You don’t need to wash your hair daily but fine hair equals more sebum at the roots. You can also use a dry shampoo to add more texture.
  • Change your hair color. It might not be a surprise but hairstylists say that dyeing your hair can make it look fuller. The hair will be a little dry but will have a ticker appearance and its elasticity can be maintained by applying a hair mask weekly. Do no choose a very dark or very light color, both of them attract more attention to the scalp.
  •  Try volumizing shampoos and conditioners. This is a popular option among women with fine or thin hair. You can boost hair volume as you cleanse and condition it without leaving unwanted build-up.
  • Towel tip. Gently blot your hair with your towel when you step out of the shower to avoid roughing up the hairs cuticle and frizzy looks.
  • Add volume with a curly or wavy hairstyle. It will instantly give you a volume boost and make your hair look fuller.