Best Tourmaline Flat Irons

Tourmaline is a mineral highly appreciated in the beauty industry that has been added to many hair tools such as brushes, combs and curling irons. A natural source of negative ions, this semi-precious gemstone when added onto the plate surface of a flat iron enhances the texture of the hair and neutralizes the static electricity.
The plates are not entirely made of tourmaline. The material is first crushed into a fine powder and then infused into the ceramic plates. Thanks to tourmaline,  and makes it more elastic. The tourmaline plates heat up quickly, they maintain the styling temperature better and give the hair a healthy and shiny finish.

Quicker Results

A disadvantage of other flat irons is that you must often go over hair sections several times to smooth the hair strands. The straighteners with tourmaline coated plates allow you to get a sleek smooth look much faster, thus providing superior results while reducing styling time.

Price of Tourmaline Flat Irons

You should expect to spend more on a tourmaline flat iron than on a ceramic one. Why? Because it has the advantage of creating exceptional and long-lasting results on all types of hair, even on the thickest or curliest ones. Tourmaline straighteners reduce radically the risk of hair damage and eliminate the static electricity, so a professional finish is what you will get every time.

Keep on reading to find out what are the best tourmaline flat irons reviewed by us and useful information to consider when purchasing a flat iron.

Infiniti Pro by Conair

This straightener provides high-quality heat and at the same time protects hair from damage. The extra-long tourmaline ceramic plates offer you better contact with the hair for quicker styling. With 29% more length than average straighteners, the plates of this model prevent damaging hot spots while eliminating static and reducing frizz.

Thanks to the true ceramic heater it heats up almost instantly, in 15 seconds and gives you salon-quality results. And compared to the salon it’s a lot cheaper and you can use it every day. Reaches temperatures of 455 degrees F with the help of 30 different heat settings to help you choose the right temperature for your hair type. The lack of a digital display can be a minus of this flat iron as it won’t show the exact straightening temperature.

The Infiniti Pro Conair is the perfect tool to create a variety of styles, from fun curls to straight hair in no time. With ultra-high heat, safety is a primary concern so the swivel line cord will prevent tangled messes and the automatic shut off feature turns the flat iron off if left on. For added safety, it also includes a bonus silicon mat to protect surfaces from heat damage.

XUEKON 2 in 1 Hair Straightener

The Xuekon flat iron provides a minimalist design which makes it really easy to use. The clockwise dial at the tail of the straightener allows you to effortlessly turn on the power, set the temperature, as well as lock or unlock it. This simple rotatable switch does it all, how easier than this can it be?

The tourmaline ceramic floating plates enable a flexible grip on the hair, no matter how you hold or angle the straightener so forget about hair pulling or snagging with this model. The plates size of 1 inch and the design offers you the possibility to achieve a variety of styling options, from wavy curls to sleek straight hair.

The temperatures range from 250 to 450 degrees F and can be reached in just 15 seconds, reducing significantly the straightening process compared to standard hair straighteners. As safety features it has the auto shut off when not in use and the lock design which is great for storing it and save more space without damaging the plates.

The Xuekon is an ideal tool for traveling as it has dual voltage (100V-240V) meaning it can be used anywhere in the world. To top it all off, this flat iron comes with 2 hair clips, 1 salon comb, a heat-resistant glove and a carrying case.

VIBRASTRAIT PRO 1" Vibrating Flat Iron

Forget about hair pulling or tugging with the VIBRASTRAIT PRO. Thanks to its unique combination of heat and gentle vibration, it makes the passing of hair through the ceramic tourmaline plates effortless.That means fewer passes and less damage to the hair. And if you don’t really enjoy the vibrating technology you can simply turn it off by pressing a button.

The ionic feature seals in the moisture and counteracts frizz, leaving hair smooth and shiny. This professional flat iron can create straight, wavy or curly styles with ease and precision. The variable temperature setting from 190 to 450 degrees F and the 8 seconds heat up time are 2 key elements of this flat iron which give you complete control over styling your hair almost instantly.

It has an ergonomic design for easy handling and a safety feature: automatically shut down after 50 minutes.
When it comes to price it’s on the higher side of flat irons costs but you will definitely get your money’s worth. The price is justified for the type of performance and flat iron you get.

Lanxim Professional

This is not your standard tourmaline ceramic flat iron! It features the latest technology by which the ceramic plates are infused with tourmaline, argan oil and Nanosilver in order to achieve that professional finish. If you wonder what Nanosilver is, well it’s a natural antibacterial widely used in healthcare, environmental purification, cosmetics, medical treatments and other fields. It keeps a germ-free zone while the argan oil restores the hair moisture and makes it soft, slick and shiny.

With 1.25 inch-wide floating plates, the hair is held tightly and glides smoothly without pulling or tugging it. The Lanxim Professional offers unlimited styling choices, you can use it to add volume, flips, waves and even curls easily.

Featuring an LCD display with 11 temperature settings varying from 270 F to 450 degrees F, you can select the best temperature for your hair type. We advise you to start a lower temperature and increase as needed.  If not in use the straightener will automatically shut-off after 60 minutes (50Hz) or 72 minutes (60Hz) to ensure safety.

The Lanxim Professional comes with some accessories such as a heat-resistant protective plate guard, a leather storage bad and 2 hair clips. The more the better, right?

HSI Professional GliderPlus Pink

Quickly create a stunningly sleek look with the HSI Professional GliderPlus Pink. As the name says, it’s a professional flat iron featuring ceramic plates infused with tourmaline that use 8 Heat Balance microsensors to distribute the heat evenly.

The 1-inch floating plates give you full styling control while staying in perfect contact with the hair for an effortless glide without pulling or tugging. Thanks to the ergonomic design and curved edges you can easily create any desired style, even loose waves or curls.Equipped with digital temperature control that can reach up to 450 degrees F fewer passes are needed to get that streamlined look.

The auto shut off safety feature gives you added peace of mind in case you accidentally forget to turn it off. And the universal dual voltage allows you to take it with you and style your hair in every corner of the world. By purchasing the HSI Professional GliderPlus Pink you will also receive a heat-resistant glove, a pouch, and a travel-size argan oil leave-in hair treatment. It exceeds the medium budget but it’s unbeatable in the matter of price-quality ratio.

What’s the right plate size for me?

A difficulty encountered by many when choosing the best hair straightener is the size of the plates. Flat irons come in a lot of different sizes so by knowing your hair type and what style you want to achieve, you can figure out what plate size suits your needs.

  • The 0.5’’ or 0.75’’ plates are great for short or thin hair as it will offer you more precision while straightening the roots
  • The 1’’ standard plates are the go to if you have regular hair whit mid-thickness and length
  • Choose the 1.5’’ plates if you have long hair in order to straighten more strands with just one pass
  • The 1.75’’ plates favor those with thick, coarse or curly hair
  • For very long and very thick hair the best option is to opt for the 2’’ plates to ease the straightening process

What’s the best temperature for my hair type?

  • For fragile hair, the styling temperature should be below 250 degrees F
  • For thin, damaged or naturally straight hair a setting between 250 F and 300 degrees F would be enough
  • Normal (medium/average) hair should be ironed at a temperature ranging from 300 to 360 degrees F
  • The tick ,coarse or curly hair should use more heat but careful to not overdo it, keep it between 350 and 410 degrees F

Important features to consider when looking for a flat iron

Best-tourmaline flat irons

Ergonomic Design

This is a feature many people disregard when purchasing a flat iron. But the straighteners ergonomically designed enhance the flexibility to create different styles with ease and precision.

Beveled Edge Plates

The plates with beveled edges are an added bonus to flat irons and should be taken into account. They allow you to achieve different styling options not only the standard straight look but also waves, curls, flips and much more.

Dual Voltage

If you are the kind of person who travels a lot a dual voltage flat iron will be your best friend on your trips. With the right adapter, you can take it with you anywhere and still look good without any bad hair days.

Swivel Cord

A 360 degrees swivel cord prevents tangling while giving you more convenience to style hair at any angle.