Ceramic vs Titanium

Which should you buy?

         The quest for finding the perfect straightener can be full of confusing information and endless options. We all have been there and know the feeling. But to choose the best flat iron you’ll need to understand the science behind the technology. If you have narrowed your search to ceramic vs titanium straighteners you are on the right path. They are the most popular choices on the market when it comes to hair straighteners but each has its highs and lows.

Read on to learn what are the differences between them and find out which is the best for you.

But first, what do they have in common?

         Both of them are able to produce the so-called negative ions through which the hair gets a distinct texture: it’s smoother, brighter and in better condition. But what are ions, are they good for my hair?

Ions are atoms or molecules that acquire a positive or a negative charge. In regards to hair straighteners, we are speaking of negative ions. They neutralize the hair atoms that have a positive charge due to water and remove the annoying frizz. They calm your hair and reduce the static, the result being an enviable streamlined and lustrous hair.

Let’s check their differences


We all know someone who has a ceramic hair straightener and they have been using it for years and strongly recommended it because it just makes their hair perfectly straight and shinier. They were referring to the flat irons that have 100% ceramic plates, they are more resistant to chipping than the ceramic-coated ones and the risk of hair damage is drastically reduced. The ceramic coated ones are cheaper because they have metal plates underneath but they don’t have the same quality as the 100% ceramic ones.

The ceramic flat irons sustain high temperatures and offer equal heat distribution across the plates, thus avoiding the formation of cold or hot spots that can damage the hair structure.

They are perfect for thin, damaged or chemically treated hair but not so much for thick hair as it might take more to straighten the hair sections.


Titanium is a metal well-known for its strength, low weight, durability and high thermal conductivity. Titanium flat irons heat up very quickly, the results being immediate and superior, straightening even the thickest or curliest hair in no time.

Similar to the ceramic straighteners, the models with plates made of titanium have the advantage of a better heat distribution and at the same time maintaining the temperature over the entire period of functioning. Titanium plates generate extra negative ions, up to three times more than any ceramic model.

The titanium flat irons are less suitable for daily usage and are used mostly by professionals. They are more likely to damage the finer hair if the temperature is not correctly set.

Heat distributionDistributes the heat evenly.Hot or cold spots may appear due to its high heat conductivity.
DurabilityProne to chipping in time.Long-lasting as it’s a strong metal.
Hair typeMore suitable for thin to normal hair, as well as the damaged one. Thick hair usually takes longer to straighten.Perfect for thick or curly hair, not so much for fine hair, due to its high temperature.
UsageDaily regular use.Heavy salon usage.
PriceModerated cost. The 100% pure ceramic plates can be a little more expensive.They classify under expensive category but you can find cheaper models as well.

Which is better – Ceramic or Titanium Flat Irons?

We cannot settle on who’s the winner in this battle because both ceramic and titanium flat irons can provide a high-quality straightening experience. The decisive fact is actually your hair type. So, our recommendation is to choose a straightener suitable for your hair type and hair needs, one that will not damage it in any way. Hopefully, with all the information provided by us, you will be able to make a savvy decision and choose the best straightener for you.

         We have tested and found the best 3 ceramic and titanium flat irons that can provide you salon-like results without consistently damaging your hair and that are budget friendly.

Our 3 highest rated ceramic flat irons

Best Ceramic Hair Straightener under $30 - The Herstyler Colorful Seasons

The Herstyler Colorful Seasons is a high-quality flat iron that arrives with 100% pure ceramic plates. The flexible movements of the 1.25-inch plates allow you to control the angle of straightening while maintaining an even heat distribution.

The negative ion technology helps eliminate the static frizz better and deliver more hydration to the hair’s shaft. It seals the hair cuticle and boosts shine for that flawless, perfectly coiffed look.

Featuring adjustable temperature settings, 180 degrees F being the lowest and 460 degrees F the highest, it is suitable for all hair types. A minus of this flat iron would be the lack of a digital temperature display, so it doesn’t show the actual heat status.

It’s also a travel-friendly flat iron due to its dual voltage feature, so you can take it with you on your next vacation.

Ideal for both straightening and beach-like waves this is one of the most versatile flat irons you can find out there. Thanks to its lightweight design and easy grip handle hair straightening is no longer a struggle.

Most Popular Ceramic Flat Iron - HAI Classic Convertable

The HAI Classic Convertable makes it so easy to get smooth, sleek hair in just one pass. The 1.25 inch wide plates with beveled edges create a strong surface that maintains contact with your hair while preventing damage and reducing static frizz.

It features analog temperature control with adjustable heat settings ranging from 250 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for every hair types, from fine and delicate to curly. The negative ions combined with far infrared heating locks in the moisture better, the result is silky smooth hair without any frizz. Notable features of the HAI Classic Convertable are rapid heat up, instant recovery and the even distribution of heat across the tourmaline ceramic plates.

The 9-foot professional length cord allows you to style at any angle while the ergonomic design offers you more flexibility to straighten or curl the hair. The reason why it’s so popular is its durability, meaning it will last you for years. This is a pricier model but it’s a high-quality one without any doubt.

Best Professional Ceramic Flat iron - BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron

The BabylissPro has been a world leader in professional styling tools for some time and for good reason. The Porcelain Ceramic model is super lightweight and easy to hold and use. It is a great, versatile straightener for a medium budget, however, it’s more suitable for those with fine to normal hair, not coarse hair.

With quick-heating porcelain ceramic plates, the heat is distributed evenly across the surface, eliminating the appearance of cold or hot spots. An advantage of using porcelain ceramic plates is that they generate far-infrared heat, a more efficient heating method which is gentler to the hair.

By having 4 inch long plates the BabylissPro Porcelain Ceramic can straighten wider sections of hair and help you save styling time. This straightener model is available in 1”, 1-1/2” and 2” plates and it includes an 8-inch swivel cord.

It has a rheostat temperature dial which allows you to select the desired temperature up to 450 °F but doesn’t have an LCD display, so it doesn’t show the actual temperature status. You might want to be more careful while adjusting the temperature with this one, start at a lower heat setting and increase as needed.

Top 3 Best Rated Titanium Flat Irons

Best Value Titanium Flat Iron - KIPOZI Professional Nano-Titanium

The Kipozi Professional Straightener offers you the look you can get at a professional salon minus the high price. Utilizing the Nano technology and harnessing the high heat conductivity of titanium, this flat iron straightens hair faster, with longer lasting results.

Unlike other hair straighteners that work efficiently with smaller sections of hair, the wide Nano-titanium plates (1.75 inches) of the Kipozi Professional iron allow to straighten larger sections of hair at a go and helps save on time. The plates also ensure even heat distribution, hence reduces the chances of hair damage by heat.

Thanks to its floating plates, this hair straightener glides through the hair effortlessly and gentle heating the hair, providing a snag-free look.

The temperature settings can be as high as 450F and as low as 170F. Impressive at this iron is the default temperature button that automatically sets the temperature as 270F for fragile hair, 350F for damaged or colored hair and 410F for healthy hair. The Kipozi Professional flat iron takes about 30 seconds to heat up and shuts off automatically after 60 minutes.

It has dual voltage power between 100 and 240v, making it a great buy for anyone who travels a lot and wants to be able to use the same straightener at home or while away.

Best Overall Titanium Flat Iron - BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin

Due to the ultra-thin design, the BabyBlissPro Nano Titanium is one of the most lightweight and easy to work with titanium flat irons.  The plates are made of a nano-titanium material which is an excellent carrier of heat and distributes it evenly for smoother and glossier results with just a few passes. The 5 inch long and 1 inch wide plates are a big advantage of this styling iron, straightening any hair type or length in less time.

The BabylissPro Nano Titanium uses a ceramic heater for instant heat-up and recovery for styling efficiency with no damaging hot spots. This straightener features 50 heat settings up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit while the Ryton housing can withstand the high heat. Unfortunately, it does not have a digital display so you cannot check the actual temperature.

Although its primary use is to straighten the hair or make it look less frizzy, this one is also great for making curls or loose waves thanks to its slim and curved profile.

It’s a higher-priced model but a quality one for sure as the BabylissPro brand offers the most technologically advanced products on the market.

Best Infrared Titanium Flat Iron - Moroccan Hit 1.75-Inch

The Moroccan Hit Flat Iron delivers state of the art performance with less stress and damage to the hair. The 1.75-inch floating plates it allows you to have full control over your styles while maintaining your hair sleek and exceptionally shiny. The titanium plates paired with the ionic infrared heat technology locks in the hair’s natural moisture leaving the hair healthy and hydrated.

This flat iron comes with an LCD display that makes it easier to adjust the heat settings. The temperature settings range from 265 degrees F to 450 degrees F and the automatic safety feature will shut the flat iron off after 60 minutes of inactivity in case you accidentally forget do it.

Get silky smooth hair without burning your hair or your hands. The cool touch grip tip stays cool throughout use for a tighter grip on the handle without fear or burning your hand. This permits even pressure to be applied while straightening, lowering the number of passes needed for smooth results. Moreover, the 360-degree swivel cord makes it easy to move it around your hair.

The Moroccan Hit is one of the most durable and high-quality budget straighteners available. Bringing the salon quality in your home, this flat iron is designed to work for all hair types, including the keratin treated hair.