How to repair and treat hair damage

How to Repair and Treat Damaged Hair

How to repair and treat hair damage

Unfortunately, hair can be damaged rather quickly and to bring it back to life can take more time than expected. But don’t worry, we will present you the most common causes of hair damage and what can you do to fix it as quickly as possible. The good news is that it’s never too late to begin the healing process.

There are many causes for which your hair can get damaged and the most common ones are:

Bleaching. This is one of the most damaging coloring methods, it opens you hair cuticle in order to remove the pigment from your hair and strips the moisture from it. Repeated bleaching can make your hair weak and more prone to breaking and split ends.

Hair coloring. Although it seems harmless the chemicals in hair dyes can rough up the hair cuticle. It is less damaging than bleaching or lifting but still increases porosity and can lead to breakage.

Over-brushing. Brushing your hair too much will cause more friction which can lead to breakage and split ends.

Over-shampooing. The purpose of shampooing is to cleanse the scalp and remove the excess oil. Over-washing your hair can strip away the natural hair’s moisture, leaving you with dry brittle hair.

Using too much heat. Heat damage is one of the most common causes of split ends and hair breakage. Too much heat applied to your hair dries it up of any moisture. Over time, exposing your hair to prolonged heat can lead to permanent damage, especially if you tend to blow dry or iron on a daily basis.


How to Treat Damaged Hair

Trim your split or damaged ends. The best way to combat hair breakage is to trim your split ends regularly. By doing this you can after begin to work on restoring your hair. But if trimming if not enough to get rid of the damaged hair you can get a shorter or layered hairstyle.

Avoid tools that apply heat to your hair. Whenever possible, let your hair air dry and don’t use any irons on it. If you really need to use heat, prepare your hair first with a leave-in conditioner and apply a heat protective spray or serum. If you can’t avoid them the least you can do is to minimize the risks.

Say goodbye to hair dyes and chemicals. As hair dyes can cause damage it is not a good idea to apply them to the already damaged hair. You can opt for a natural treatment with oils in order to restore your hair’s overall appearance and health.

Use natural remedies. You can make natural hair masks with ingredients like eggs, honey, different oils, avocado and more. Always choose natural treatments over the chemical ones.

Hydrate your hair. Try using a hydrating hair mask once a week to help strengthen your hair and keep it as healthy as possible.

Use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for dry hair. Shampoos with added moisture can help prevent the oil from being stripped and add moisture back into your hair.